How frequently have you been stalled with a large list of miniature painting service to involve the miniature of yours or maybe office improvement project? Here is an easy and quick summary of 6 criteria to tick off when picking one.


1. Years of Experience: Has the contractor been in business for long? Ensure you employ an individual/company that’s existed for a minimum of 3 years or even more.

2. Hires Subcontractors or perhaps Employees: The painters are real employees or the sub contractors? Regardless of the employment status of theirs, the workers must have the appropriate workers compensation & liability insurance. In case of sub contractors, they have being covered under insurance too. As a buyer, you’ve the right to confirm the proof of the individuals who’ll be working in your office or miniature.

3. Necessary Legal Licenses: Does your miniature painting service have the requisite basic liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance? A reputed and well-established contractor must be willing and able to furnish insurance & licenses upon request. Understand, this is crucial for them, their painters’ safety as well as your miniature/business. Site accidents are likely as well as insurance protects all parties involved.

4. Focus on Preparation: Can there be any preparation involved? A discounted contractor is going to skip the prep work to cut corners. On another hand, an excellent painting contractor is going to spend time that is enough to explain the prep work for you and also get due proper care before the real work begins. Ultimately, the workmanship is going to speak for itself, bad or good.