Hawaii is situated in the North Pacific Ocean and is the 50th state of the United States. It depends on the tropics, completely around water and without territory on any mainland or continent. The islands had been formed by the volcanoes which rose from the ocean floor and there is a concept that the tectonic plate under the Pacific Ocean movements in a north westerly direction as well as the hot spots remain stationary and this is gradually creating new volcanoes and also explains why southern Hawaii has active volcanoes.

The legend of the Polynesians states that the goddess Pele moved across the islands of aloha till she climbed to the massive island which has been her home. Here’s one island where active volcanoes erupt constantly, adding to the general land area. It inspires a spirit of creativity and electricity in every visitor. There are lots of water falls which leave visitors spellbound, the flora and fauna include an element of fantasy to the place and the beaches are watched over by Snow Mountains. All said and done, the natural scenic beauty of this particular location defies description.

The capital town of Hilo has one foot in the present and one in the past. It rains just in the evenings which guarantee that it’s ever green. Local color will include a trip to the Siusan Fish Auction as well as the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. North of Hilo would be the Hamakua coast with vertical cliffs, wispy waterfalls and lush green valleys. The road ends at the Waipio Valley that is the only girl accessible by road. Hiking here should be a high priority.

The city of Wainea is home to the Parker Ranch, the largest in the country. It is a comprehensive cowboy treat with the 4th of July Rodeo thrown in for good measure. Mauna Kea is an area best approached by the Saddle Road where you will be practically on top of the world at 13,796 feet. At this point we move from Waimea down the hill on the south Kohala coast, a playground beyond belief. Swimming, top snorkeling spot in Hawaii, sunbathing all on the sunny shores of white shores will be experienced to be believed.