Every business needs to promote itself if it wants to remain fresh in the eyes of its customers, but the way you choose to promote yourself can have a big effect on the final result.

Every advert costs money, so why not pick the longest lasting advert you can? And what’s more, wouldn’t it be even better if that same advert could tell the world how seriously you take the issue of caring for the environment?

It might sound like a dream but it’s easier than you might think to check this into a reality. Green shopping bags are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and they continue to be useful even after they are worn out as a shopping bag. This is because they can be melted down, re-molded and re-used as other everyday items such as flowerpots for example.

The best thing about putting an advert for your business on a recyclable bag is that you are automatically promoting yourself as an environmentally friendly company. And that is in addition to your main marketing message!

These bags are made from non woven polypropylene (NWPP), a material which is one of the best around when it comes to printing a message on it. There are plenty of colors to choose from and you can choose whatever color printing fits in best with your promotional message as well.

For example, if you sell wine you could run a promotion offering a free bottle of house wine for every recyclable bottle bag you buy. The outside of the bag could have a message saying, “I got this eco friendly bag with a free bottle of wine from…” followed by the name of the business. Now that would be a powerful way to pull in some new customers and get them to promote your business to lots of other people as well!